Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WC: Group C and D final group games

Group C is done with US and England barely going through. some luck! But you need it, too! Heartbreak for Algeria losing a goal to US in 91 minute! England, well, had its traditional boring 1-0 win.
Teams from Group D in 20 minutes will play for their lives! Serbia faces Australia and should win placing her 2nd in the group behind...Ghana! Germany is about to do something they are not familiar with: not qualify! they must beat Ghana to face England in the 2nd round. This would be a classic (even though the level of play for both teams is, to say it nicely, low). Sorry, not this time. This do-or-die game has an extra spicyness: two brothers will face each other! Jerome Boateng represents Germany; his half-brother, Kevin-Prince Boateng, plays for his father's native Ghana. And he is the one who eliminated Michael Ballack by breaking his ankle in the English Cup final last May . Let's play!

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