Friday, June 25, 2010

Last but not least

Teams from group G & H are finishing the first phase of the rather disappointing World Cup thus far. No great games, spectacular plays, unforgettable goals. Indeed, history was made with both Italy and France going home early (and BOTH finishing last in their groups) but it was not a huge surprise. They were weak, not resembling 2006 teams that met in the WC final. The new (beach)ball jabulani, winter conditions, the curious case of vuvuzuela have all contributed to this poor WC. Hopefully it will get better, more interesting unlike the WC in Italy in 1990, believed to be the worst championship ever.

So, Brazil and Portugal should both advance with Spain topping its group and sending very unlucky Chile team (with 6 points!) home since Switzerland will beat Honduras. Cruel but somebody has to lose.

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