Sunday, June 27, 2010

Halfway through the 2nd round

Disgrace! D I S G R A C E! Well, I innocently brought up 1966 WC final but now it seems as if I were onto something! My goodness! Ghost of 1966 comes to haunt England this time. Its third goal in 1966 never, very likely, fully crossed the line and after 44 years a clearly good one, seen by the entire world, was ignored by the refs. Germany would have won anyway but that's not the point of course. Starting 2nd half with 1-2 is completely different than being tied at 2. Disgrace.

There's more (huge mistakes)! Refs did discuss, not immediately but did have their mini conference, about first goal by Argentina playing very impressive Mexico team till this point (and throughout the entire game in fact). The offside was even clearer than England's 2nd goal!! NO GOAL for Argentina. Ultimately, Argentina would have beaten Mexico but that is obviously beyond the point. Mexican players were cheated and nothing will change it. (The future looks very bright for them, though. They might shock the world in 2014 as their team based on 2005 Under-17 FIFA World Champions will be in the best age for soccer players (25-28)).

THE CHANGE must come from FIFA! Mr. Sepp Blatter, it is YOUR FAULT! Time and again, you say technology and football cannot mix. What do you call that thing the refs have in their ears?! That is technology! They can communicate! Zidane received red card in 2006 WC final because linesman saw his headbut and he informed the main ref. The final outcome was changed dramatically! Italy won; likely with Zidane staying in France would have been the World Champion for the 2nd time. Two main referees, two refs covering both goal lines, the technical ref checking the video and quickly informing the main ref in controversial situations - just pick one Mr. Blatter! Shame on you!

Having said that, I can't wait to see Argentina kick German's butt! You can't be fooled by 4-1 pounding of England because it is a very weak team. Horrible defense, no offense. Germany played well enough to easily win. However, after first goal by England, Germans stopped playing. That's why the second goal for England was so important. I believe Germany would have prevailed 3-2 or on penalty kicks but the game was changed in its favor. Argentina, however, is on a different level, which Germany cannot reach by next Saturday. Auf wiedersehen und Gute Reise!

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