Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some scores! Group E & F

I hoped not to see another traditional, horribly boring 1-0 wins for both england and germany but both teams could not resist it! now the punishment: they face each other! I'm glad Argentina will teach one of them (likely germans) a lesson in quartefinal. Now, Japan joins south korea in 2nd round by beating Denmark 3-1! No way! what happened?! Holland, my favorite to reach the final and, unfortunately, lose it again to Argentina (or Spain) beat Cameroon 2-1. No surprise there. But what do you call Slovakia beating defending world champs Italy 3-2?!?! i knew they were weak but to lose to Slovakia?! no disrespect but that is too much! Having said that, good job Slovaks taking full advantage of the weak opponent. thats how it should be.

Tomorrow, the last unknown 2nd rounders will join quite a unique group. Who will progress to quarters? Let's hope that it would be a stronger team thats advances.

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