Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Orlando-Phoenix-Washington trade

Suns are the big winners! Orlando got desperate, Washington is rebuilding so getting insanely overpaid Lewis still is better than much longer Arenas contract. However, it is my wife's Phoenix Suns that clearly got what they needed. Size (Gortat), defense+scoring (Pietrus) and offense (Carter, on some nights but still a good deal). Nash can do his magic again. It is stupid to read some reports that now Nash will be traded. Suns just got better! And assured a playoff spot. I see them finishing 6th and...taking out Lakers in the first round! You heard me! Nash will have his revenge. The biggest obstacle to Suns will be Spurs. Last year I picked them over Spurs and actually predicted the sweep (yeah, I am THAT good) but this year grandpas from San Antonio will be more dangerous. Much more.

Orlando removed itself frome the East elite making a room for Bulls. Miami is not on the same level as Boston. Only Bulls can, and will, challenge successfuly grandpas from Boston. Bulls-Boston east finals will be a beauty and see the end of short Boston's reign. The next decade will belong to Bulls again.

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