Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NBA playoffs 2011

Why not?! It's only Christmas but the top 8 teams in both conferences seem to be set already. Who gets what spot? I think I know! (one question mark is Carmelo: if he is traded, Denver won't make playoffs. And to whom traded? Exactly. If New York then Knicks can finish 4th or 5th. If Nets, they are 7th or 8th. I am guessing it is Knicks. Overall, it does not matter. Melo can only succeed in Chicago but we don't really need him to win it all! Go Bulls!

1. Boston Celtics
2. Miami Heat
3. Chicago Bulls
4. Atlanta Hawks
5. New York Knicks
6. Orlando Magic
7. Milwaukee Bucks
8. Indiana Pacers

1. Dallas Maverics
2. San Antonio Spurs
3. Los Angeles Lakers
4. Utah Jazz
5. Oklahoma City Thunder
6. Phoenix Suns
7. Portland Trailblazer
8. Houston Rockets

East 1st round: no upsets
East Semis: Boston-Atlanta 4-1; Miami-Bulls 2-4
East Finals Boston-Bulls 3-4

West 1st round: Dallas-Houston 4-2; Spurs-Portland 4-1; Lakers-Suns 2-4; Utah-Oklahoma 4-3
West Semis: Dallas-Utah 4-2; Spurs-Suns 3-4
West finals: Dallas-Suns 4-3

NBA Finals
Chicago Bulls vs. Dallas Mavericks
(I can see Suns beating Mavs, mostly because they are my wife's team but I am sticking to me preseason picks. It would be nice though to see Steve playing at least once in the finals. Whether Suns or Mavs it is Bulls time anyway).

The 7th heaven for Bulls as we will celebrate first of many Grant Park parties after 4-2 victory over cry-baby Cuban. BULLS are BACK!!!!!

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