Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decision 2018/2022 World Cup

December 2, 2010, Zurich, Switzerland. At around 3pm tomorrow, FIFA officials will announce the successful bid for the 2018 and later on for the 2022 World Cup.

The finalists are:
2018: Spain/Portugal, Russia, England, Belgium/Holland

2022: Qatar, USA, Australia, South Korea and Japan

The first vote should give a good indication of how the second will go. If Spain/Portugal prevails for 2018, that's bad news for the USA, since it's been widely reported that the seven or eight international allies of the Spain/Portugal bid have made a deal, in which they've agreed to support that bid in 2018 in return for backing Qatar in 2022.

One is already known. WC 2018 will take place in Europe. The latest favorites are Spain/Portugal and Qatar. My picks were England and US but now I am not sure because the voting is unfortunately not so clear or better say not just (they put it "deliberations and votes are secret." Secret my ass!). The 2006 WC was to be played in South Africa but one of the voters was bribed and never showed up for the voting. That one vote cost South Africa the election. Germans. Go figure. Pretty disgusting. Nein, nein, nein! And who ended up in jail?! Nobody! And that was a real crime! Makes me sick! At least pizzaronis denied bratwurst the final.

WC in England in 1966 saw the English side win its lone WC title. US was not so lucky in 1994, though getting out of the group stage was considered a great step forward at the time. For some reason I think the two might be winners but it does not really matter to me. A beautiful game is beautiful everywhere.

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