Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicago BULLS look good. Really good!

First non-soccer theme but life is more than soccer (yeah, I did slap myself immediately for saying that! hurt tiny bit). Bulls and tennis are my other loves so I will squeeze them here from time to time.

It took 12 long years to get over with the Jordan era. Finally, it looks like this season is the start of the new, great Bulls team. Of course, the beginning was 2009 play-offs and one of the best series EVER between Bulls and Celtics that left everyone grasping for air after another and another and another overtime. Two games won by Bulls in double and triple overtime went immediately to ESPN Classic channel! Yes, they were THAT good!

But this season is truly the first time when everyone around the league includes Bulls in contender discussion. Top 4 East teams are: Boston, Chicago, Miami and Orlando (alphabetical order). I expect Bulls to win the title this year. Why not?! Bulls are talented, big, strong, young and versatile. Anything less than conference finals will be a huge disappointment in my view. But I really think we can win it all against... Lakers! If they make it there. Hate lakers but it would be a great story since this is 20th anniversary of Bulls first championship against... Lakers! They would meet again with jackson coaching stupid lakers. No doubt Bulls would win that series. Bulls will be there, the question is: will lakers make it?

My favorive Bull, Joakim Noah, stands tall and is already regarded as top NBA center. To me, the best of course! I love how he plays (coincidentally that is how I play soccer - with passion unmatched by others). An All-star Derrick Rose and this year All-star Noah, they create a fantastic duo that is feared around the NBA. Three Jazzmen: Boozer, Korver and Brewer, compliment this team perfectly. Luol Deng looks reborn; Omer Asik could be a surprise of the season; an entire bench seems to be the deepest in the entire NBA.

Yes, this is going to be a great year!

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