Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chicago, 10/9/10 POLAND-USA 2-2

The last touch, so important, is yet to be there just as the energy and effort for the entire 90 minutes however, fast defense-to-offense transition, ball-handling and individual brilliance of blaszczykowski and obraniak are something to look forward to. I like 21-year-old matuszczyk as a defensive midfielder. Another 21-year-old, Kamil Grosicki, should be in a starting lineup. Smolarek as well. And TWO new defenders. Damien Perquis (when he gets his Polish passport) and Kamil Glik should be given a chance. Horrible defense by Poles tonight. Boruc is a world-class goalie, our wings are great, we only need only one defensive midfielder (murawski out, grosicki in). Smolarek on the left. Forward - Jelen or Lewandowski once he returns to form. Polska has nice pieces. Now only fit them all together and keep playing against very good teams. Tuesday in Montreal against Ecuador. That must be a win.

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