Sunday, July 4, 2010

The last 4 standing

July 6: Holland-Uruguay
July 7: Spain-Germany

Let's see what happens when Spain scores first against Germany. I sincerely hope it does. If Germany is really very good (they are a solid team, as usual) then it will not matter. Spain will be in trouble. Serbia scored first and beat Germany 1-0 in the group stage. Germany must have in mind that when Spain scores it does not turn to defense-only mentality. They want more. The key to game will be who scores first.

My pre-world cup finals pick was Spain-Holland. Later on I replaced Spain with Argentina falling for its super attack. Oh well, I am sure I'm not the only one but it teaches all of us a lesson: stick with your choice no matter what. I'll remember that. It was painful to see Argentinians attacking and falling short on so many occastions to equalize. A deflaction after deflaction as if every German defender had an extra leg! Diego's team was attacking but Germans were scoring. Tough luck but luck runs out sooner or later.

What a crazy game between Spain and Paraguay! A missed penalty by Paraguay (great save by Casillas) was a game-changer. However, as difficult as it was for Spain to get to semis it is still a favorite against Germany, which will be a rematch of the Euro 2008 finals game won 1-0 on Fernando Torres goal. They have to bring much more than luck and solid play because Spain is unquestionably a superior team. This time I am sticking with my pick. (And yes, there is no way I would bet on Germany)

Uruguay's resilience has been so impressive in this WC. It is true that I am very happy also because I did see them reaching semis and falling to Holland. They will miss Suarez but mostly it is about a better Dutch team and running out of steam after an emotional roller-coaster in their epic quarterfinal match. Well done Uruguay and once again, what a thrilling game it was!!!

Because of that game i want more! Therefore I can't wait to see Spanish and Dutch magical trio playing against each other: Iniesta-Xavi-Villa vs. Sneijder-Robber-Van Persie. This game will provide more entertainment and drama than a fantastic show that Uruguay and Ghana gave us last Friday.

Sunday, July 11, 2010, 1:30pm Chicago time. Where will you be (watching it)?

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