Thursday, July 1, 2010


Argentina, the real giant, will have a chance to avenge its ugly quarterfinal exit four years ago at the hands of Germany, a paper giant. Its loss on penalty kicks followed by a melee on the pitch in 2006 as well as recent comments coming from the German camp that Argentina does not respect its opponents are just a small reason to sit back and relax on Saturday morning Chicago time because we will see a fabulous display of attacking style. This attacking fury will devastate Germans. Bieleve or not, this could end up being a rout 5-1 or more. Be careful what you ask for and who you mess with. Messi, the closest thing to a new Maradona, will be Germans worst nightmare.

It is no secret that I do not like the German team. Ok, fine, I hate it! For some unknown reason they have reached the last 8 of WC ever since 1954. Does IT not make you nauseous already!? Can you imagine Detroit Pistons making 10 straight NBA Eastern Conference finals?! We were all sick of them after their two straight trips. No, that ain't right!

For some unexplainable reason Germany won WC in 1954 and 1974 being an inferior team not only in the final games. In 1990, the most boring WC ever, somebody had to win. (You guessed right: it was Germany). They always find a way to win (their favorite score is 1-0) with a lucky shot in 95 minute; ball bounces off a goalkeeper's ass and goes straight in; a referee cannot see a ball crossing the goal line even though it does by a MILE! How come does one team have so much luck?! It makes me sick all the way to my toes!

No! Argentina must beat them! They ARE better, stronger, faster with great soccer skills. That's usually enough, right?... Wait a minute! Could it be?!...Nah, that's just a bad dream. They reached their quota already.

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