Saturday, June 4, 2011

Great Saturday with plenty of soccer action

SIX MATCHES at once! That was beautiful! Thanks to espn3 mosaic view I can watch 4 matches at once. Heaven! And two more on TV made it a dream come true, people. A dream come true! Ok, I got it out of my system but it was such a SCRRREEEAAAAAM!

Switzerland should have won on Wembley. 2-2 is still a good score, which also confirmed English mediocre status. I saw Montenegro play for the first time and was very impressed. Confident, efficient and strong team. A bit shaky after losing the goal (first time in 8 games so the shock was understandable, I think) but overall they played great. They will finish first and England will be in the playoffs. Just in playoffs because they will not qualify. Excellent news! You can watch EURO 2012 from the comfort of your living room, damn English freaks. Now, if you could only convince beautiful Helgas from Berlin to join you that would be perfect.

Ireland had an easy win over Macedonia, so did Denmark against Iceland. Portugal had a tough time beating Norway. Now the two are joined by Denmark at the top of the table. It will be a fantastic finish this fall.

For dessert, two friendly games. Brazil 0-0 draw against Holland was a bit disappointing. No revenge for Brazilians after losing 1-2 in the last world cup. But the US SPAINking was a thing of beauty. Another great display of a beautiful game played perfectly. Training session for the Spanish second team. Maybe they can dominate beyond 2012 after all? Young Spanish guns look ready. Americans- how much longer will you pretend you know soccer?! Switch to your stupid baseball. Give it a rest! It's Saturday!

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