Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2010/11 season is over - Barca & Messi on top!

As a Real Madrid fan even I can appreciate the way Barcelona plays. It is true that even its pure-heart haters (i.e. hardcore die-barca-die, enemies-for-life, barca-makes-me-vomit Real fans) find themselves watching Messi and Co. in awe. How special Messi and Guardiola made this team?

This team, I don't hate! I can't! I simply can't!

That's how special. I could not stand Ronaldinho and before Stoichkov and Romario. But not this team. That fast pace, these short passes, out-of-nowhere attacks on goal, the control of the game. Breathtaking! Messi is so damn good. He really reminds me of Maradona. Too bad he does not play for Real. On the other hand I am not sure if he would excel in Madrid. In Barca he found a perfect company. It fits, it makes sense.

As for real, Ronaldo is a playboy and even his 40 goals this season can't change anything. He did not make a difference in games that mattered. Messi did.

I am still fan of Real but I love watching Messi and fabulous Barca's style of play. Everything comes to an end yet I don't want Barca to stop playing its near-perfect soccer. And they didn't have to spend 100 milion Euros to get one player.

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