Sunday, September 12, 2010

EURO 2012 update

Euro 2012 - 8 June- 1 July 2012. 21 months left to the mini world cup!

Opening Euro 2012 game will be in Warsaw (Poland vs. whoever).
3 group games will be played in Poznań and Wrocław;
3 group games and quarterfinal - Gdańsk;
3 group games, quarterfinal and semifinal - Warsaw.
Final in Kiev.

Poland is to play the first two games in Warsaw, third in Wrocław. Hopefully we get to visit Gdańsk, Warsaw and Kiev later on! Polish team is being built from scratch, there are some "nice names," on paper at least, but the issue is the commitment to the national team. Unfortunately something as obvious as national pride does not factor for most of the players.

21 months left. A lot and very little time. I would play for free if I could since this is the ultimate challenge and the most beautiful time for any soccer player: national team, Euro championships, facing the best players in the world AND playing in front of your own fans! However, those sons of bitches, who earn so much money from their clubs, treat a national team like a vacation time. It is time for Mr Smuda to show how tough a coach he really is. Otherwise the best opportunity to restore glory days of 1970s and early 1980s will be wasted. Then all - coaches and players - should be banned from the team forever. Best - stripped from Polish citizenship! Investment in younger players is the only way to succeed.

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