Sunday, July 24, 2011

Uruguay wins 15th Copa America title!

Fantastic display of football by Oscar Tabarez' team! Crushing Paraguay 3-0 (two goals by Forlan and one by Suarez) confirmed that Uruguay has been the best South American team since last World Cup. Move aside Argentina and Brazil!

Great coach, great scoring duo, Musrela at goalie, Lugano at center back and relentless midfielders have made this team more than tough. It is a great team! I still like Argentina but now Uruguay moves ahead in my personal ranking. They deserve it. They have earned it! I love Uruguay's play and I can only hope Poland will play the same next year. No superstars on this team but they play as a unit.

Once again, team concept wins. Individual talent can only take you so far. Team, team, team. Forlan tied team record by scoring twice with overall 31 goals for his country and team's 15th title breaks the tie with Argentina. Today Uruguay is the most successful South American team! Congratulations!

It was a beautiful final and all the beauty was on the Uruguayan side. Go la celeste!!!!!!

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